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Well met stranger, welcome to 30smiles, a low pressure community for writers and fan-artists to develop their writing and/or drawing skills. My name is Collections (foldingcrane) and I’ll be your mod for today.

The original 30_smiles was created by dropsofgleam, and we decided to recreate it, seeing that the original one is deleted. We have received permission to create it! :D

The drill is the same. Sign up for your pairing/character at this post and hurray! You have your claim! For the duration of the 30 themes, the characters you choose are free for you to play with. Go wild! After you have completed your claim, they are up for grabs again.

In all works, please keep in mind to include the theme of “smiles”. The theme can be interpreted in any way you desire.

Have fun down here, but please do note that this community may contain mature content. So please, surf carefully, we will not limit what you are to read. Slash and het of all kinds are welcomed, so flaming is not allowed. Opened-mindedness is a must in this place.

Set Alpha
1. Clouds
2. Silver
3. Eternity
4. This does not exist!
5. Justice
6. Kaleidoscope
7. “Objection!”
8. “Now, my love…”
9. Farewell
10. Winter wish
11. Camelot
12. Fall
13. The best time
14. Dance
15. Faded photograph
16. Mirror image
17. New world
18. Cause and consequence
19. Butterfly
20. Temptation
21. Keyboard
22. Books
23. Freedom
24. “How troublesome…”
25. Mercy
26. Pick up line
27. Paper cut
28. Deception
29. Explosives, black market
30. Rules

1. “Remember, remember the fifth of November”
2. Twisted
3. Darker side of the moon
4. Repetition
5. Summer love
Set Beta
1. Neutralisation
2. Peace Treaties
3. Equalibrium
4. "No more chocolate!"
5. Musical
6. Ash and Cinder
7. Reborn
8. Cube
9. Paparazzi
10. Chemicals React
11. Insomniac
12. Closure
13. Stigmatized
14. Flipside
15. "Just because..?"
16. Stolen Wings
17. Sacrifice
18. Breakdown
19. Dawn
20. Ignition
21. Swan Song
22. Touch
23. Fox
24. Purple Pen
25. "My apologies…"
26. Spotted Paper
27. Badge
28. Electricity
29. V for Vendetta
30. Charisma

1. Trademark
2. Reserved
3. Destiny
4. Lead
5. "What?"
Set Charlie
1. Mist
2. Blue
3. Blanket
4. Pieces
5. Fragrance
6. Red Lights
7. “Just wanna tell you that...”
8. Stardust
9. Spider webs
10. Martini
11. Mails
12. Bunny slippers
13. Traditional Dresses
14. Dotted-lines
15. Classic
16. Oak wood
17. Bronze medal
18. Clips
19. A dollar coin
20. A cat keychain
21. Carrots
22. Giggles
23. Yank
24. Stitches
25. Growl
26. Home, sweet home
27. Old is gold
28. Welcome
29. Coffee, Tea or me
30. Lullaby

1. Cloak
2. Lord
3. Man-made
4. Towers
5. Veil

Greetings to all! This is your mod, Ayu. I encourage you guys to take a look around and join in the fun. Hopefully, we share each other's joy for the creative arts! Till then, take care!

Ni hao, I am Louisa! And,

Welcome to the working world

Rule 1: There are three sets of themes to choose from. Please, just choose one. And remember to stick to it!

Rule 2: We would like to see at least an update every three months. If you are going to disappear go abroad, or require an extension, please comment here. Don’t be afraid! We don’t bite.

Rule 3: You may claim up to two individual characters/pairings at a time! Everyone say “Hurray!” with me! Threesomes are allowed, but please keep in mind that in each fic, ALL of them have to appear. Oh, if you want to claim two individual characters/pairings, they have to be from different fandoms~.

Exception - Collaborations are permitted, but please, keep to the maximum number of two. This means that the both of you will work together to do set of themes you’ve chosen. Not doing 2 different sets on your own! The pairing/character will count as one for the each of you, and also, Rule 3 still applies~

Rule 4: To claim a character/pairing, please head to this head and comment here. Be sure to include the subject line of “request” Also, please include the full names of your character/pairings and the fandom they belong to~ Remember to check the claims list to be sure that your character/pairing isn’t already claimed~

In addition, if you have already claimed a pairing and would like to claim another one, please make a new comment thread instead of replying to your old one. Well, when we go through the list, the chances of us missing your claim are very high. Very, very high.

If you decide to drop your claim, please comment here. Likewise, when you complete your claim, please comment here. This would ensure that we would be able to free up the character/pairing for others~

Rule 5: When a pairing/character is claimed, please remember it counts for both art and writing. If you want to do both, then… go you!

Rule 6: The themes can be interpreted in any way you desire. You can twist any word to suit your desire~. Please just include the general theme of “smiles”. It doesn’t have to be the focus of the entire thing, but it has to be there in one way or another. Be it literal, metaphorically, ect, it has to be there. As to what “smiles” means… well, it’s up to you to decide!

Rule 7: Style: It’s up to you, really. The length of the story/fiction doesn’t matter; it is the content that matters. The same goes for the artists. The art could be a very complicated piece that you spent ages on, or just a doodle, or maybe, a rough sketch. All of that doesn’t matter as long as the theme of “smiles” is captured.

Rule 8: Worry not too much if your work is good enough to publish. Don’t be too hard on yourself, after all, as the saying goes “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” So there! Don’t worry so much!

Rule 9: “What if I want to use the work I did before and published…?” Sure, you can do that. Just try to make a habit out of it yea? This community is meant for creating new things no?

Rule 10: Posting format:

Subject line:
[Type of work] Title (fandom, Paring/character, theme set # number)

[Fic] Monochrome (Kuroshitsuji, Ceil, Alpha Bonus #3)
[Art] Monochrome (Kuroshitsuji, Ceil, Alpha Bonus #3)


Theme(s): (include the theme set # number and the full theme)
Summary (if needed):

(ALL works are to be behind an lj-cut or linked to your web space/journal/ect.)


Fandom: Kuroshitsuji
Title: Monochrome
Author/Artist:Collections foldingcrane
Theme(s): Alpha Bonus #3. Darker side of the moon
Pairing/Characters: Ceil Phantomhive
Rating: K+
Disclaimer/claimer: Kuroshitsuji is not mine.
Summary (if needed): Sometimes, he was afraid that he would lose himself in the darkness of the underworld.


Note: Disclaimers is a must. Even more so if your fandom involves real people. Please include in your disclaimer that everything written is purely fictional and your works do not mean anything to the actual relationship/event. This is not optional. You must include that in your disclaimer. The only exception is when you are using your original characters.

Rule 12: Ratings of all kinds are welcomed here! However, anything with a rating of R and higher must be stated clearly. Please do state very clearly in your lj-cut that the rating is R or above.

Rule 13: If you're posting something with more than one chapter, it's up to you whether you want to post a chapter at a time, or wait until you've finished the whole thing.

Rule 14: Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Be original.

Rule 15: Flaming is not allowed here. Constructive feedback is very welcomed. We help and encourage each other, not discourage.

Rule 16: Tags will be added to the list when you request a pairing/character. Therefore, all you got to do is to click on the edit tags and search for yours! In the case of not being able to find your tag please tag your entry with the “!needs a tag” tag. This will allow us to know that we didn’t create a tag for your claim. We apologize in advance should this happen.

Note: should you break any rule, you'll get three warnings before you are banned and your claim dropped. Minor issues like forgetting to add a "[fic]" on the subject line may be overlooked, but we suggest that you make it a habit to follow the rules and make your time here an enjoyable one (:

Last but not least;

Rule 17: Have fun~

To Check on the claim list please go here.

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