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17 April 2010 @ 11:31 am
[Fic] Axis Powers Hetalia (UK/Spain, Alpha 1-22)  
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Title: Picnic, Silver and Gold, /11360.html">Upstart, Divine Instrument, Kaleideicope, Rot, Lettres D'amour, Possession, Ashes, It's Nice to Dream, Isn't It?, Fallen, Daybreak, Birthdays Are Nothing, Snapshot, Replica, Gold, Cause and effect, A million dancing colors, In times of war, The Wee Hours, and Novella
Author/Artist: luminousbeat
Theme(s): Alpha (Clouds, Silver, Eternity, This does not exist!, Justice, Kaleidoscope, "Objection!", "Now, my love...", Farewell, Winter wish, Camelot, Fall, The best time, Dance, Faded photograph, Mirror image, New world, Cause and consequence, Butterfly, Temptation, Keyboard, Books)
Pairing/Characters: UK/Spain, America is in Snapshot, France is in Lettres D'amour, and Portugal (OC) is in Gold.
Rating: Varies
Disclaimer/claimer: Isn't mine, will never be. ♥ All work is purely fictional.
Summary (if needed): Collection. They're all in order of the prompts. Big dump, I guess. Links are in the titles.
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